Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's that kind of a day...a SICK day! Yuck!

Yesterday I came home from work ready to go to work on an order and prepare for my shows this weekend. My wonderdful and supportive husband made me some dinner while I melted down some oils. When dinner was ready I started to walk up the stairs, buy the time I got to the top my legs were burning and my head felt like it was still at the first step!!

So today I stayed home. I am resting and drinking pleanty of fluids. I have two shows this weekend...I can not be sick...and I am busting out my trusty diffuser (it is a soapstone diffuser, which isn't the best as heat makes essential oils more volitile, but it works for me for now!) and burning some Eucalyptus & Lemmon Essential oils. I love the combination of Eucalyptus and Lemon, even for people who aren't sick. They freshen the air leaving a light, crispness to the air. If you use a candle diffuser remember to always have enough water in the pool. Heat will change the composition of an oil, burning them is not a good thing!

Eucalyptus is great for colds and flu. It helps to releive headaches as well as muscle aches.

Lemon detoxifies the air while lifting your spirits!

I may have to add some Lavender to the mix to calm my nerves...the dogs have been barking at a invisible squierl all morning!! That's just great for an extreme headache!