Saturday, November 8, 2008

Welcome to my new blog!

I just wanted to let everyone know a little bit more about me and Beyond the Picket here goes!

I haven't always been a Bath & Body is how it all came to be:

When I was little I had a terrible reaction to bubble bath, so no bubbles for me. It was sad, but I got over it...but baths with no stuff isn't as much fun. So I became a shower person. Never thought much about it after that.

Fast forward to college: My roommate worked for a high end bath & beauty company, and she started experimenting with essential oils and bath oils. So I became her test subject. No reactions! and suddenly I wasn't so tired and I was happy even when things went wrong...and I smelled great! Yay! I was hooked. She, however, lost interest. So I took all of her books and gave them to my mom to read.

She started to get into the hoeopathic aspect of essential oils, and one day I went home on break and she had gotten a huge shipment of essential oils...she is a dive in head first kinda girl! So we started to experiment with them. We were both hooked! We started with bath oils and massage oils for ourselves. Then we started with M&P soaps. The next time I came home there were 5 gallon barrels of oils. Simply stated by her...I am making soap. Shortly there after we had so much that we didn't know what to do with it we started selling at craft shows. It took off from there.

My mom has since sold her house and her and my dad started traveling the country. They have settled in Arizona! Clear across the country! I was taking classes for my certification in Aromatherapy when I took over the company, I am trying to keep up, but soap is taking over my life! I have reformulated a few of the soaps that weren't the biggest sellers, and created some new ones, expanded the bath line, and overhauled the packaging and labeling. Here is what It has come to be!