Friday, January 30, 2009

I need a little Spring!

I don't know about everyone else, but this winter is completely draining me! It is freezing...and not like 30 degrees freezing, but 5 degrees freezing! I knwo that the winter ground is brown and icky, but even that would be nice right now. I have not seen grass, even dead grass, since December!

So, I started to making some Spring soaps. The first one on my list was my Gardener's Delight. I am so happy that it is fianlly done. I just carry it around with me and smell it. It brightens my day!

This one doesn't smell like flowers or grass or anything, just growth. It is crisp and fresh, it smells strongly of Eucalyptus & Tee Tree. It is perfect for gardening because it is a bit gritty with added pumice powder to get out that ground in dirt, but the oils make your skin soft and smooth. Don't be fooled is a perfect kitchen soap as well!!
There are a lot of great properties to this soap,
but right now the best property is it makes me happy!