Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A New Market in Newburgh

I will be participating in a new market this summer!  The Newburgh Urban Market located on Liberty Street in Newburgh NY.  I love Liberty Street and Newburgh in general.  I have high hopes for a revitalization of the area.  I dream of having a shop on the street, but the market will have to do for now :)

Here is a little bit about Newburgh Urban Market:

There is a creative movement happening in the City of Newburgh now, and we think the city should have its own market. At its peak, Newburgh had a bustling downtown full of shops, department stores, and even a trolley. People could walk to the local butcher, grocer, or theater. Urban renewal has taken businesses and the people that visited them out of the heart of Newburgh. We want to bring you back. We want to help people rediscover what shopping and walking in downtown Newburgh could be like. Our goal is to be a launching pad for businesses to eventually open up a brick and mortar shop. Newburgh is a urban city, so bike, walk, take the train, and yes bring your car. Newburgh can be a booming prosperous city once again! The desire is there. Help us fill the need.

I will be at the market the fourth Saturday of every month!  See you there!!!!!

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