Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally...Some new soaps!

Christmas went very well for me. I sold out of most of the soaps in my shop!! And since the holiday I have been trying to get back on my feet! And this week most of the soaps that I made at finally ready to go!! I finally feel like I am accomplishing something. Here are a few that I just listed!

Made with real Chai Tea, Whole Milk, and local Organic Honey, this bar is a delight! There is no added scent aside from the tea base, so it is light and smooth with a hint of vanilla.

Orange Cypress with Shea Butter

This soap has a high consentration of Shea Butter and the sweet smell of Oranges, and a small hint of Cypress to even it out. It has a creamy lather and a fresh scent. It is the perfect spring soap!

Herbal Shampoo Bar

This bar has a dense creamy lather that is sure to get your hair clean, while also being gentle on your scalp. I have also added scalp loving essential oils to give it that little extra something!

I will be listing more shortly, but at least this is a start!!


Nightmare Anthology said...

So, the Chai Tea w/milk and honey looks like the most amazing thing EVER. Of course you just HAD to make soap featuring three of my favorite scents/tastes!!

Congrats on selling out during Christmas - will check back soon for more soapy updates!

Nightmare Anthology said...

Thank you SO much for letting me know about that Steampunk giveaway - her work is AMAZING! How did you guess so correctly that I'd love it lol :)

Boutique By Bonnie said...

I love Chai Tea! Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight.