Thursday, February 5, 2009

My New Favorite Blog!!

My sister and I are 7 years apart...she is younger ;~) but we were always involved in the same things. We were both swimmers, liked the same music, same TV shows (I taught her well) But the one thing that I always had was alcohol ...she is 7 years younger! That is a lot of drinking!!

But then one day it happened...a group of girls running at me screeching "How's Meg?!?!?!?! We miss her?!?!?! What is she doing?!?!?! blahblahblah" my safe haven had been infiltrated!! But at least I drink better than them, right? No Bud Lt for this girl...and I have quite a taste and a bit of knowledge about wine. So I am a sophisticated drinker, not just a gaggle of girls...

Well, now I have even lost that!! One of them has become a beer and wine expert!! She knows more than all of my friends put together! And she is sharing her knowledge with you via her blog The Beer Wench. Not only is she chock full of valuable beer information, she is cute as heck!

**Update** Today (02.07.09) is The Beer Wench's First Birthday!!! Show her some love on this joyous of days!!

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On a Roll said...

Looks great - I love beer!