Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fresh & Clean!

Everyone needs hand cream, and we have one for everyone! Finally back in our shop we are featuring our Fresh & Clean Hand & Body Cream. This hand cream is great for teachers, kids, guys, frequent hand washers. All of our hand & body creams have the same base. They are chock full of wonderful skin loving butters and oils. They are rich and velvety, and a little goes a long way. They even last through hand washings!

The essential oil blend in this formula gives it a fresh scent, and they are said to be nature’s antibacterial busters! When antibacterial soap started to boom I was always skeptical. I remembered in biology learning about good vs. bad bacteria…that you actually need some bacteria. Now that exact thing is all over the internet. Some even say that we are lowering our childrens defenses with the stuff. However, when you are sitting in an office or classroom filled with the sniffles you want some kind of defense; this one is made by Mother Nature herself.

We aren't saying that this is the "cure" (we all know mother nature can throw us a curveball...snow in April?!?!?!) but it is a good alternative to all those chemicals we tend to slather all over ourselves!

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