Sunday, April 19, 2009

My trip to the local hardware store...

I can't say that I like the local hardware store is now a huge conglomerate...but I do appreciate the 1/2 price seed sale...and the bargain bin of leftover lumber!

For the low price of about $15 I got seeds and the makings of a raised "salad garden"!!! Can't go wrong there!!!

I spent my afternoon clearing out my little shade garden and planting wildflowers. I also planted my peas! Last year it was a hopefully this year will be better.

Tho...clearing out my garden always leaves me thinking...did I pull out weeds, or something that I had bought the year before and painstakingly planted...hoping for a resurgence the year to follow...I guess we will never know.


Almost Precious said...

I've always worried about pulling up the wrong things when weeding my garden too. Guess if I wasn't such a novice at gardening I would be able to tell the difference between a newly sprouted tomato seed and a dandelion ! :/

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